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Years of experience with burners and boilers from various manufacturers allow us to provide quality services.


Service company TM Adam Zgud provides services including diagnosis, repair, regular inspections of equipment and other work agreed individually with the customer.

1 mm of boiler scale deposits equals 5% more fuel consumption.

The burner backing disc is a component which requires regular cleaning and, over time, replacement.

Burner Specifications:

Since its conception, industrial burners have become a significant part of the industrial sector. Experts have come a long way with burner designs and specifications .

The backing disc and burner nozzles, which also houses the stabilizing device, play the most important roles in burners. Industrial burner designs may vary depending on the function and operating conditions of the burner.


Cooperation with many partners in Poland ensures the safety and comfort of workers

„Our practices are environmentally friendly.”

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since 2004

The beginning was in 2004 and to this day I still remember how in a certain French fries factory a blowdown valve on a steam boiler opened near me 20 tons of steam per hour at 20 Bar and the bang was like an explosion like a gunshot, so big that, I almost had a heart attack.

I just wanted to go home

I am grateful for the continuous support from the company „Viko-service”.

I gained knowledge and practical skills from the company „Loos Centrum” for which I sincerely thank you.

Industrial burners

New emission limits

Ensure the safety and effective/economical operation of equipment that should meet new emission standards.

The MCP Directive, or Directive 2015/2193 of the European Parliament and the Council of November 25, 2015 , concerns the reduction of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium-sized combustion plants. The implementation of the MCP Directive into Polish legislation took place in 2018.

MCP Directive

The MCP Directive sets emission standards for three types of air pollutants:

sulfur dioxide (SO2)
oxides of nitrogen (NOx)
particulate matter (dust)

for so-called Medium Combustion Plants (MCPs).

MCPs are facilities with a rated thermal power of not less than 1 MW and more than 50 MW. The MCP directive supplements the already existing standards for emission limit values for large combustion plants with a thermal output of more than 50 MW (LCP).

New MCP facilities must comply with the new emission standards as early as December 20, 2018, but existing facilities with a capacity greater than 5 MW have until January 1, 2025 to comply with the new emission standards, and those with a capacity of up to 5 MW until January 1, 2030.

„Over the years, we have seen an increased number of risks associated with the installation and operation of equipment. This gives us an opportunity to prevent possible emergencies”

NOx up to

100 mg/Nm³for gas  200mg/Nm³ for light oil

  • MCP (Medium Combustion Plants) Directive
Burner regulations

Proper burner regulations ensure safe and trouble-free operations, reduced costs and emissions 


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